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Crean & Associates

Aerospace Consultants for Air & Space


Crean & Associates is a top team of leading, proven engineers, scientists, and managers with over 2000 years of combined aerospace industry experience.


We work together to provide the right experienced people to solve issues quickly or avoid pitfalls that hit so many projects.

"If your company could benefit from having experienced technical leaders helping develop the opportunities you have in front of you, let's talk about how we can support your vision."


-- James Crean, President & Co-Founder


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We provide experienced executives, program & project managers, technologists, design review expertise, supply chain experts, project staffing, and a broad understanding of the industry, its suppliers, and their customers.  Our consultants are some of the brightest minds from across the aerospace industry.  We provide independent reviews, we staff short term needs, train your team, and provide engineering / management services.


    Crean & Associates is a certified small woman-owned business for government contracting purposes.


Bring in experts who have worked for your customers, who know how to navigate their systems, and who speak their language. Our experience helps you write winning proposals the way your customers expect to see them.  Draw on our industry knowledge to navigate the marketplace and grow your business.


C&A Consultants each spent at least 20 years delivering on projects before becoming C&A Consultants.


Crean & Associates also operates a proprietary strategic partnership model called the Independent Supplier Partner Program.  The ISP Program has us partner with a supplier to leverage our skill base to help them succeed while also providing an independent voice when both sides agree it is needed to perform technical reviews of issues and enhance communication.  ISP helps suppliers and their customers succeed in a win-win relationship.